Email marketing is a crucial part of any business as it helps with building relationships with prospects, leads and even current customers. With email marketing being a critical component of any eLearning business’s marketing strategy, it’s essential to have an email marketing campaign strategy in place to ensure that every email has the best chance of being delivered, opened and read. 

Here, we’ve got some tips in ensuring that your company has the right email marketing campaign strategy in place to help it be with one of your most impactful marketing channels.

1. Segment your list

One of the most important things to take note of in regard to an email marketing campaign strategy is segmentation. There are many ways to segment your email list, and the easiest way is to do it with a CRM software. By segmenting your list, you would be able to create different emails depending on their industry, job roles and more. 

Some ways to segment your list include: 

  • By industry 
  • By the size of the company
  • By sales cycle 

Segmentation allows you to further engage your email subscribers more as emails are much more targeted and personalized. It will also minimize the chance of these subscribers receiving irrelevant content and increase the possibility of them opening the email. 

  1. Create powerful subject lines

    With emails, it’s all about the subject line. Not only is it the first thing that your recipients will see, but if your subject line is spammy, there’s a high chance it would just be delivered to their junk mail. Some ways that you can have a great subject line include: 

  • Ensuring that it’s brief and not overly long-winded. 
  • Make sure that the subject line is honest, try not to be too cryptic with your subject lines. 
  • While you can be clever, understand that it may not resonate with some individuals. 
  • Avoid having any spam trigger phrases or extensive use of punctuations. 

If you have the ability to, there’s also no harm in subject line personalisation as it makes the recipient feel that the email was created just for them – increasing the likelihood of them clicking on the email and reading it.

  1. Having a strong call to action

    With emails, having a strong call to action is everything as it will entice recipients to click through and either read the article or purchase the product. Buttons within an email are crucial as it informs the recipient of what they should be doing next.

    Some examples of call to actions that you can create include:
    – Buy now
    – Learn more
    – Book now 

Make sure that your CTA button has clear and direct text. If you’d like, you can also have the CTA button have wording that reflects your brand’s tone of voice. While you can get a little creative, your CTA button shouldn’t be overly long and you should always limit the number of links in an email. After all, the last thing you’d want is to confuse the recipient.

Other things that your CTA button should be include:
– Being bold
– It should be obvious and eye catching
– Make sure that the link takes individuals directly to the right page without them having to click around. 

As a side note, it’s important that you should also not be having any attachments in your email. It’s better to have your CTA button direct the recipient to a web link where they can download the attachment instead. Emails that have attachments have a higher chance of being identified as spam. 

  1. Using a real email

    Make sure that when you’re sending your emails, it’s coming from a real email and not an automated ‘do not reply’ email. It’s crucial that the email your customers are responding to is easy to interact with.

    Ideally, you should be sending emails from an official email address with your company’s domain name and avoid sending it from a or 

  2. Hire a consultant with expertise (that’s us)

    With an email campaign, it’s essential that your email has content that resonates with your target audience. There’s a lot of work that goes into composing, launching, and tracking an email campaign, and that’s where COX can help.

    As specialists in providing services to the learning industry, we also have quality B2B lists that we can send email marketing campaigns to. Reporting and analytics is also a crucial component of an email marketing campaign, and we provide our clients with important metrics from bounces to clicks, open rate and more.

Getting your email marketing campaign in place

Email marketing continues to be one of the most cost-effective methods for not just branding, but also generating leads and connecting with your audience. To grow your eLearning Business, it’s critical that you’re disseminating the right content, have the right email design and are sending the emails to the right individuals. 

As it can be a time-consuming process to implement a proper email marketing campaign strategy, there is no harm in hiring a consultant with expertise to ensure that you’re constantly increasing view rates, defining your strategy, developing new opportunities and staying up-to-date with trends in email marketing.