M&A Readiness and Integration

When there’s a need for a strategic business solution, there’s no consultant better than COX in the learning industry.

Your Coach for Merger & Acquisitions

As your organization is faced with exponential growth… or consolidation… or a merger… or new equity partnerships, think through the challenges and questions that arise. Then call COX. We can assist you with nearly every aspect of readiness for integration.

COX executives together have more than 40 years of strategic planning, development and consulting experience. We’ve helped countless organizations through various deal structures – through coaching and identification of the right transaction that yields the most benefit – and ultimately, by helping them to reach their financial business goals.

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Business Advisory

• Business Plan
• Marketing Plan
• Financial Management
• Merger & Acquisition
• Strategic Alliances

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Digital Marketing

• Social Media Marketing
• Multimedia Production

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Writing Services

• Blog & Writing Services

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Tactical Marketing

• Marketing Management
• Email Marketing
• Webinar Production
• Public Relations

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Sales Enablement

• Channel Management
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