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Top 4 Easy eLearning Social Media Marketing Strategies

January 25th, 2022|

The power of social media marketing is unquestionable, regardless of the niche your business represents. As of October 2021, over 4.5 billion people are active on social media channels. It’s also interesting to point out that 54 percent of internet users rely on social media for product and service research. A millennial is logged into a social media account for an average time of two hours and 38 minutes each day. That’s a lot of time for the delivery of a relevant message and the establishment of an enviable brand reputation. To make the most of these platforms, you need a tailored social media marketing strategy that’s in line with your promotional goals. It should also work well with other forms of digital promotion you’re already utilizing like content creation and search engine optimization (SEO). Sporadic Facebook publications aren’t going to cut it if you want the best return on [...]

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