Specializing in Marketing Services for the Learning and HR Solutions industries

About Us

Cox eLearning Consultants (COX) is the noted and leading marketing services and consulting firm in the industries of corporate training, elearning and HR technologies. There are two primary segments to our business:

1. Marketing Services & Consulting

Cox eLearning Consultants also provides marketing services and associated marketing consulting to providers of Training and HR technologies and solutions. We can . . .

  • Execute marketing programs on your behalf and/or
  • Strengthen your own marketing by selling you qualified contact lists and/or implementing other systems that enhances your marketing effectiveness.

Cox eLearning Consultants knows the industries of HR technologies, elearning and corporate training. Come to COX to . . .

  • Learn industry trends
  • Gain insights into better industry business practices
  • Obtain assistance in setting up marketing systems to grow your business and HR/Training operation

2. Industry Market Analyst

As an industry consultant & analyst, we advise corporations and large organizations about new and innovative Training & HR solutions. COX studies industry trends and movement by key players, reporting upon these matters through

  • Research papers
  • In-depth educational workshops
  • Consulting engagements

Our analyst and consulting services are delivered in cooperation with the research firm Brandon Hall or directly under the COX name.