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With COX, put together a plan to solicit and train the channel partners and implement their effective on-going management.

Overcome Challenges With COX

Want to drive sales growth but your business priorities keep you from running your channel partner program effectively? Is limited budget keeping your business from expanding your in-house sales team to increase sales?

COX can make a significant difference in developing a channel network of resellers.We can help you overcome the unique challenges of the learning industry that complicate building an effective channel network:

  • The North American channel network for learning is smaller and weaker than for most industries
  • The solutions to be sold through the channel tend to be sophisticated, requiring significant training of channel partners
  • The selection process for these solutions typically take months, which can be discouraging to a channel organization
  • No homogeneous global channel network exists: individual resellers are different in most countries, including Europe, South America and Asia-Pacific

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