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Are Workforce Critical Competency Levels Trending Downward? 5 Things You Can Do About It Now

Are we headed into a shortage of quality future leadership? Many executives who believe that say today’s job candidates are coming up short when it comes to key competencies, with leadership and navigation being at the top of the list of deficient skills. According to recent survey […]

Revamping Your Office Environment: An Unexpected Way to Attract and Retain Top Talent

  You probably wouldn’t have seen this one coming, but one of the latest corporate pushes has surfaced, and it comes in the form of restylizing your office environment.  Not for the mere sake of aesthetics, mind you, but rather as a draw for top talent. That’s […]

Six Fundamental Ways to Convert Your Team into Top Sales Rockstars

  You want to increase your company’s sales.  And who wouldn’t? As you may have discovered by now, longer hours and more pounding the pavement don’t necessarily always mean more sales. Constantly finding new people to buy your product or service is a critical part of the […]

Looking Forward Instead of Back: Rethinking the Traditional Performance Review

There seems to be a split in regard to the perceived value of traditional performance appraisals. It continues to be a pressing debate in Human Resource circles these days. As it turns out, 95 percent of employees and managers today are unhappy with the way their companies […]

Keeping Your Workforce (And Your Company) Relevant

  How well are you keeping up with the fast pace of technology and impactful changes within your industry?  How are you staying competitive?   A major concern for companies and organizations is the persistent need to stay competitive and relevant. A snapshot by Fortune into the new […]

Get Going on Employee Wellness: One of the Most Cost-Effective Initiatives You Can Take

One of the HR hot buttons this year touches on the question of employee wellness, and whether or not it’s a worthwhile investment for company resources.   Truth be told, the ROI on employee wellness programs is still a bit of a tricky one to quantify, in […]

Human Resources Sustainable Strategic Planning: Better Focus on People, Less on Programs

“HR continues to be about relationships rather than programs and a deep understanding of the business. The key skill set for future HR people will be how to effectively understand and manage the impact of mergers, demergers and globalization. These changes have profound impact in the workplace…” […]

How Well Are Your Employees Engaged? 4 Non-Negotiables of Employee Engagement

  The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently released a report (“Employee Job Satisfaction & Engagement,” 2015) that gave a unique perspective on challenges that companies and HR professionals will most likely need to consistently prioritize over the course of the next decade, if not right […]

5 Must-Do Tips to Jumpstart Your Marketing Automation Plan

The term “marketing automation” always sounds great to me – great, as in, hit a button and take the rest of the week off. It can be a little misleading to newcomers, because even though organizing and automating your marketing efforts will result in improved efficiency, it’s […]

Five Steps to Boost Customer Loyalty with a Better Content Marketing Plan

It’s the Golden Age of inbound (content) marketing. If you don’t believe me, ask LinkedIn’s Technology Marketing Community: 72 percent of marketers have an inbound marketing strategy, and starting this year, as many as 60 percent of companies will have a dedicated executive whose specific objective is […]