Does your elearning company website have a blog? Blogging is a powerful marketing tool that will quickly build your reputation, especially if you have an adequate content plan.

Some of the latest digital marketing statistics reveal that companies investing in blog creation get 67 percent more leads than the ones that don’t.  There are several reasons why the approach works. Nearly 68 percent of people spend time reading content about brands of interest. And even more importantly – 60 percent of internet users are inspired to seek out a product or a service after reading about it.

Effective blogging has to be strategic and targeted in order to yield such results. You can’t just upload a random text a few times per month and call it a day. Effective blog writing techniques for the elearning industry focus on consistency and the creation of niche content that the respective audience will enjoy and appreciate.

Do Some Industry Research First

Effective blog writing starts with industry knowledge.

Market research needs to be the very first step towards creating a successful content strategy plan.

Competitive content marketing analysis encompasses a lot. For a start, you should be checking other blogs and websites in the elearning field. Pay attention to the topics. Find out which publications have the biggest number of reader comments, shares and social interactions. Such research will give you a pretty decent idea about what potential customers want to read about.

By going through blogs created by other companies in the field, you can also find inspiration for the creation of niche and unique pieces. Remember – tackling topics in an original way and making sure your content stands out will matter. Distinctive topics build your authority and they help you stand out in a fairly competitive field. Also, original content is great for search engine optimization (SEO) and you also increase the chances of blog posts getting shared via social platforms.

Apart from checking out content created by others, you also have to pay attention to its quality.

Engagement is one of the ways to assess blogging effectiveness. You should also pay attention to content originality, whether blog posts are long enough and well-researched, whether industry experts are being quoted or interviewed and if there are high quality supporting visuals.

Come Up with Blogging Guidelines or a Style Guide

Once again – consistency matters.

To ensure blog post quality consistency, you need to come up with your very own style guide.

A style guide should tackle every aspect of blog creation – from tone to formatting and even image selection.

People are becoming more discerning when it comes to the quality of content they consume. This is why typos, stylistic inconsistencies and poor research can all backfire. You should have high standards when it comes to writing and you should stick to them when creating every single blog post.

In the beginning, following a style guide may be a bit cumbersome. When you get used to the essentials, however, you’ll find it much easier to keep up with that standard.

Effective Blog Writing Techniques Should Encompass Multimedia, As Well

Blog creation isn’t just about the text.

Visual content can deliver even better results, which is why you need to integrate multiple formats within a single blog post.

Image galleries, embedded videos and even audio files can act as supportive content. These give readers additional information and they also assist SEO efforts.

It’s a good idea to invest in the creation of custom infographics, charts, videos and image galleries. 

Blog posts with images have 94 percent more social interactions than those lacking visuals. Also, such blog posts are more likely to be read. People are drawn to visual information first. If they like an image, they’ll click through to the article. This is why your elearning blog needs to be the complete package. Offer your audience a multitude of content formats and you’ll enjoy the highest possible engagement level.

Master SEO and Social Media Marketing Essentials

Well-written blog posts assist SEO and they are the very essence of your social media marketing efforts.

Content is one of your website’s most valuable assets. It’s in the heart of many other promotional approaches. This is why you need to be strategic and you need to focus on effective blog writing. To improve your blog writing skills, do acquaint yourself with SEO essentials.

SEO is no longer just about featuring a number of keywords in your text.

The length of each article, the topic you choose, even the formatting matter. Keep in mind, however, that SEO techniques change and evolve all the time. The fact that people are using mobile devices and voice search, for example, have had an impact on how major search engines rank content.

A good digital marketing approach is all-encompassing. Blogging doesn’t take place in isolation. Your content can be used to accomplish a lot more, which is why you need to inform yourself about additional techniques and how these are connected to the texts you create.

Write Often and Stick to Your Content Calendar

Apart from having a blogging strategy, you’ll also need to come up with a content calendar.

Here’s what a typical content calendar looks like. You can have a weekly or monthly content calendar. Decide how often you’re going to publish, what topics you’ll tackle, what keywords you’ll target with each article, what kinds of additional content formats will be required for comprehensive blog post creation.

Sticking to a content calendar is one of the best ways to keep traffic high and maintain excellent search engine rankings.

You don’t need to blog every single day in order to get excellent results. Once you come up with a schedule, however, create content accordingly. Your audience will get used to expecting new blog posts at certain time intervals. A failure to publish will disappoint.

As you can see, effective content creation has to follow certain rules in order to be optimal. This is one of the reasons why many companies prefer to outsource blogging or have a dedicated team member to handle the job.

In fact, 62 percent of companies outsource their content marketing. Having professionals assisting you with writing and blogging will help you avoid some major mistakes standing in the way of high engagement and outstanding content marketing.

Content creation is one of the most cost-effective marketing approaches. Even if you outsource, you will get a return on investment that justifies spending money on professional assistance.