Your Extended Sales Team

Let us take that load off your sales organization by providing services for nurturing and generating leads via customer support.

The COX Difference

You’ve got a terrific set of learning solutions. Why aren’t more sales coming in? Many factors could be in play. One of them may be that your sales organization is understaffed or non-existent.

We often hear from our clients that their biggest challenge isn’t in presenting their message or even closing the sale; instead, it’s uncovering interested and qualified prospects. Cox eLearning Consultants (COX) specializes in growing learning companies. We offers sales assistance to pursue and nurture the leads that you generate through marketing efforts. Why will we be more successful than your previous methods? Two reasons:

  • Industry Knowledge. Our people know the learning industry. We “talk the talk”. You don’t need to educate us on terminology or concepts.
  • Our Specialty. The entire business of COX is to grow learning businesses. We are laser-focused on only business development-related activities to build your business

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