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Social Media Marketing

Social media is an essential cog in our digital marketing strategy. We want to help you establish a strong voice that will help you share your brand and engage with both influencers and customers in your industry.

social-mediaWe have experience in dealing with the major players in the social space: working extensively with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn as well as other niche-specific platforms. We’ve fine-tuned our strategy to give customers increased traffic, a professional presence, and a strong customer relationship.

Social Analytics

We don’t have a ‘set and forget’ strategy. We also don’t just throw anything at the proverbial wall just to see what sticks. The COX method is built in adaptability, reacting to changing markets, and ensuring you capitalize on events to achieve maximum results.

We will analyze how your social media efforts are performing; we’ll track click-through rates, shares, and re-tweets. We will determine your ROI and create a detailed and ongoing process of evaluation.

Advertising on Social Media

At COX, we can also help you establish a presence through advertising on the various social media networks. The advantages of using platforms such as Facebook, for example, are numerous: lower prices compared to Adwords, engagement through comments, and long-term relationships with customers through Likes.

Social media advertising budgets have been growing year after year and the reason is simple – it continues to deliver results and with the growing importance of social media, brands can no longer live without a presence on these platforms.

Social Media and SEO

While links are still one of the most important things in achieving high organic rankings, that doesn’t mean social signals should be ignored. They legitimize your brand, send links in their own right, and tell Google that you have a real presence online.

Earlier this year, the Guardian reported that Google would. This landmark deal shows that the search engine giant is taking social signals seriously. If you’re keen to get more eyeballs on your website, social media should become a cornerstone of your overall digital marketing strategy.




And even if you don’t believe there’s a direct relationship between ranking and social signals (there is!), there are still clear SEO benefits:

  • Reaching a wider audience encourages link placements.
  • Allows companies to establish relationships with influences, gaining relevant traffic and qualified leads.
  • Social media profiles rank in Google for brands and even some keywords. They are authority properties in their own right.
  • Social media channels act as search engines. Many people use Twitter as their go-to engine when looking for relevant news, for example.
  • Bing officially uses social media signals as part of their ranking algorithm. Just because Bing is smaller than Google doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Many people use it!


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