Tom Brown

Strategic Business Consultant

Tom’s professional career started over 35 years ago as an Entrepreneur, Senior Manager and Consultant. Today, he is considered a Senior Executive / Consultant with a combination of market savvy, vision, and realism. He has been acknowledged for his capacity to harness the enthusiasm and talents of others, identify core issues, and exploit the necessary resources available to stretch funds and achieve objectives in highly demanding situations. He had a successful career focusing on challenging situations specializing in Intellectual and physical asset restructuring, strategic planning, and complicated project management. An award winning seasoned Senior Manager and Consultant, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table to be shared with the client base.

Experience at this level has not developed overnight. Successes have been hard won and commitment has been tireless. Yet the rewards of seeing a plan take hold for better and more responsive performance while enhancing bottom line performance remains one of Tom’s greatest motivators.

Tom’s leadership and communication skills allow him to interface with all levels of management and support staff, thus allowing for the effective gathering of data to facilitate the development of strategic plans and alliances. Companies like Homart Development, Watergate Development, First of America Bank, National City Bank, IndyMac Bank, FDIC, and OneWest Bank have used Tom’s services as a Consultant and/or Senior Vice President on their senior management team.