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Six Fundamental Ways to Convert Your Team into Top Sales Rockstars

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You want to increase your company’s sales.  And who wouldn’t?

As you may have discovered by now, longer hours and more pounding the pavement don’t necessarily always mean more sales.

Constantly finding new people to buy your product or service is a critical part of the overall sales process.  You think you have a winner of a product.  You think you know your customer. You think you their pain and how to resolve it.

There are few silver bullets in the world of sales, but try the following steps consistently and see if you can’t begin seeing better numbers.

And you may not even have to slash prices or host fire sales, either.

Let Your Sales Leaders Do the Coaching

You know who your top sellers are.  Get them invested in their sales team’s success by finding ways that they can mentor and coach the rest of the team.  They’ll appreciate the opportunity to develop as leaders, and to be viewed as in-house experts.

Observe and see if they’re doing anything that may apply consistently to most sales scenarios.  Make sure you give the credit where it’s due.

Only Work on Selling to Pre-qualified Leads

Increasing your reach to new potential customers isn’t always a good use of your time, since you’ll expend your energy on those who don’t want to buy what you’re offering.  Rely on your pre-qualified leads to best prioritize opportunities based on a predictable history.

Don’t Waste Anyone’s Time (Especially Your Own)

If your customer doesn’t need it, commit ahead of time to not try to sell it to them.  You should know (or learn) how to quickly gauge whether or not there’s a real need.  You’ll save time, and improve the trust your customer has in you and your relationship.

Talk, but Listen More

Don’t let your conversation be driven by how great your product is. Find out what your customer really needs.  Ask the right questions, and let them tell you what they need.  This is another way to invest in the quality of your relationship with them.

Offering one of your free products or services to customers for winning a contest is always a great idea, as everyone loves to win free stuff.  But make it fun!  If you can get them to buy something they want as part of the game, you’ve not only helped with your branding efforts, you’ve effortlessly boosted your sales with minimal cost.

You should also consider creative incentives such as customer reward programs and free samples.

Content Marketing (More Free Stuff!)

Informational and authoritative products like well-researched and written white papers and free e-books are easy to get into your customers’ hands, to pique their interest in your company, or as a bonus with a purchase.  You look like an authoritative expert on a subject that interests them, and you get to begin building a relationship of trust with potential customers.

Use social media to your advantage, too.

You’ll get free access to qualified leads, more customers at lower cost to you, and many more channels in which to sell your product.

And if there’s one takeaway you should always remember, it’s to over-deliver to your customers.  Be available to answer questions and to offer insights and advice. Remember, you’re building a relationship with them, not just making a sale.

We love to hear from you!  Drop us a line and let us know what you do to boost your own sales!

  • Jonathan W. Crowell