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Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs)Corporate Training and Business Development Solutions: Knowing Your Options

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Cox eLearning Consultants, LLC is a market leader in Workforce Investment Board (WIB) knowledge. WIBs offer employee training and business development solutions to firms in almost every industry. Our expert consultants are eager to help you identify these solutions.

Employee Training Funding

WIBs grant qualified businesses subsidized training funds, which provide employees with new skills and upgrade current ones. With WIB training funding:
Firms can save up to 50% or more on training initiatives.

  • The average firm received $23,750 for incumbent training.
  • Staffs have become more productive with fewer turnovers.

Business Development Solutions

Additionally, WIBs offer numerous business development and support tools, including:

  • Access to HR information and assistance.
  • Inclusion in industry networking functions.
  • Participation in seminars and informational workshops.

Cox eLearning Consultants can help you identify these benefits-and more- by:

  • Assisting businesses with assessment of WIB benefits.
  • Connecting businesses to their local WIB.
  • Providing a detailed research report that provides insight into working with WIBs.

Cox eLearning Consultants Delivers:

  • Unique specialization and market leadership in WIB expertise.
  • Market leadership in identifying government funding for training purposes.
  • Over 150+ years of combined experience in eLearning and corporate training industries.

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