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As a sales or business professional, you understand that appointment setting is a universally difficult part of business development and often the most common road block to increasing sales and growing the company. We often hear from our clients that their biggest challenge isn’t in presenting their message or even closing the sale; instead, it’s uncovering interested and qualified prospects.customer_support

Knock down that road block and hit the road to success by utilizing our telesales programs to shorten the sales cycle and start increasing your total sales!

Telesales is one of the most popular services we offer. Our staff will generate interest with prospects, qualify them, and schedule the appointment for your sales team. COX offers experienced and educated telesales professionals that you will be proud to have representing your company. Our team members will work hard for you – as if their job depended on it, because it does. We hold them to a high standard of quality and only employ professional conversationalists that know how to ask the right open-ended questions to get the prospects talking.

You’ve heard the old saying in sales “2 ears, 1 mouth,” right? Good salespeople understand that in order to start building a relationship you have to do more listening than talking. Our telesales staff does not spew features and benefits like an erupting volcano. We ask the right questions to determine their level of interest and uncover if they are qualified to be considered a viable prospect. If so, we continue the mutually beneficial conversation and set the sales appointment so our client can take it from there.

Included With Our Telesales Campaigns:

Contact Management System – We use a CMS designed specifically for outbound calling for call centers and telemarketers. This efficient and simple to use system allows for us to maximize our time so we can make more calls for you. Three clicks of the mouse will disposition the result of the call and we’re on our way to making our next call and being one call closer to setting your sales appointment.

6 Steps

Unique 6-Step Approach We believe that a strategic call approach coupled with emails is vital to the success of our client’s telesales campaign. We work with our clients to develop the most effective voice messages to leave and email messages to send.

Training – COX trains and role-plays with each telesales agent to ensure an understanding of each of our clients’ offering. We then assess our telesales agent’s understanding of the client’s products or services and what sets them apart from the competition. We also offer the opportunity for our clients to conduct training with telesales staff on the products and services.

Reporting – We provide our clients with reporting and campaign monitoring capabilities. COX can develop customized reports by request to effectively deliver our clients the data they require to monitor their telesales campaign.

Proven Sales Professionals – Our telesales professionals are results-driven, with an individual average of over 12 years of sales experience. In addition, they have work experience related to the HR, eLearning and training fields.

In addition to telesales, COX also offers lead generation through email marketing as well as the use of our contact database.