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Strategic Advisory

Cox eLearning Consultants (COX) understands the challenges of operating a business. We’re business owners ourselves! And while every business owner hopes that their organization will be in business for decades, sometimes the world has other plans. That’s where COX can help.

Consulting & Advice

It’s always beneficial to be ready for a merger or acquisition process – no matter which side of the transaction you’re facing. But learning the details of the details is challenging. And while it’s necessary to understand various perspectives for growing a business, it can be difficult to carve out time for strategic financial planning.

COX can help you learn the basics of mergers, acquisitions, and establishing long-term financial options, and we can coach you through an entire consolidation process, should the need arise.

M&A Readiness and Integration

COX executives together have more than 40 years of strategic planning, development and consulting experience. We’ve helped countless organizations through various deal structures – through coaching and identification of the right transaction that yields the most benefit – and ultimately, by helping them to reach their financial business goals.

As your organization is faced with exponential growth… or consolidation… or a merger… or new equity partnerships, think through the challenges and questions that arise. Then call COX. We can assist you with nearly every aspect of readiness for integration:

  • Business growth perspectives
  • Growth capital
  • Valuation
  • Strategic alliances and channel development
  • Strategic business planning
  • Owner goals
  • Business plans
  • Marketing plan
  • Management consulting
  • Organizational structure
  • Executive coaching

When there’s a need for a strategic business solution, you can count on COX. Contact us today.

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