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Multimedia Services

With the advancement in today’s technology, most corporations are turning to the internet as a solution for cutting costs and unnecessary expenses relating to the coordination and assembling of workshops, seminar and off-site events.

Traditional seminars require attendees to travel to the off-site event. The requirement for travel results in a loss of time and an increase in expenses which often leads to the decision of not attending. Webinars and Webcasts are becoming more common and cost-effective alternatives to face-to-face seminars.

Webinars and webcasts must be planned with as much or more preparation and skill than most face-to-face events. Successful events and good attendance to electronic events will be greatly affected by who you choose to plan and run your electronic events.

Cox Consulting can help increase your event’s rate of attendance while reducing the costs of coordinating such event. We can enable your event to be professional and have impact. With our years of experience in designing, developing and producing webinars and webcasts, your events will be successful and memorable.

Video & Audio Production

One of the key activities involved in coordinating a webinar/webcast is recording the session. The purpose of this activity is to present the material to those who could not attend the webinar/webcast session or to those who may be interested in reviewing the material once again. Cox Consulting can assist in setting up a video & audio recording session where we will re-produce the webinar/webcast so it is viewable and accessible online.

Script, Content & Coaching

With webinars becoming more and more popular and favored overall, many companies are trying to make a presence and offer webinar sessions. Although some companies provide some very insightful and useful material for their audience, others lack content and substance in the material being presented to keep everyone engaged and have a highly successful webinar, which in turns gives you better cost-saving results for your company.