Specializing in Marketing Services for the Learning and HR Solutions industries


Do you feel that you are missing sales opportunities? Do you believe the sales opportunities you pursue are not Marketing consultancy targeted or that you should be more successful in closing deals?

Most organizations understand sales – what it is and does. Many organizations do not understand how marketing drives sales and focuses the entire organization into messaging and practices that ensure more sales and longer retention of customers.

Marketing is everything that you do to reach and persuade prospects. It segments your market, defines your target audience, and clarifies how your product is a solution to the problems of potential customers. The sales process is everything that you do to close the sale and get a signed agreement or contract. Both are required for business success.

You may not choose to afford a full-time dedicated marketing department. If you have to be choosey about where you spend marketing dollars, let COX help. We specialize in helping smaller hi-tech organizations with their marketing. Working part-time, we can give you the look and competency of having a complete marketing organization.

Marketing Strategy & Programs:

Does your direction in marketing or sales flip-flop from quarter to quarter? Are your salespeople confused as to what your long-term priorities are and how to achieve them. Implementing a sound analytic marketing strategy and program can stabilize your marketing efforts.

COX can analyze your business and markets to develop a sound strategy and supporting tactics. We then can train and direct your sales and marketing personnel in the focused implementation of successful marketing programs.

Lead Generation:

Marketing strategies and programs are useless if leads are not generated and sales closed. COX has years of experience designing lead generation programs that create qualified opportunities for your sales people.

Public Relations:

Cox eLearning Consultants can assist your organization with a broad range of public relations (PR) services. PR is a great way to get the word out to a wide audience, both targeted and general, and can describe numerous activities in your organization that may not be suitable for direct marketing efforts. We can help you communicate everything from name changes, branding, and services offered, to executive leadership changes, awards, case studies, and more.

These are just a few of the PR Services that COX provides:

  • Client Testimonials
  • Press Releases
  • White Papers
  • Webinars
  • Case Studies
  • Bylined Articles
  • Feature Stories

Click here to see our full list of Public Relations offerings, or contact us to inquire about any of our services.


Want to increase the size of your sales organization without adding staff? Implement a channel of organization through which to sell your products and services. COX has many years experience developing channels and resale organizations for hi-tech companies. We can put together the plan; help solicit and train the channel partners; and advise you in their effective on-going management.

Strategic Alliances:

A few key strategic partners can revolutionize your business. New doors are opened. Significant channels are immediately established. New technologies and services may be integrated into your offering. COX can assist you in business development through developing strategic alliances.

Competitive Research:

COX can help you with competitive research, research analysis and recommendations. Since we are not part of your company, we can easily gather vital information from and about your competitors that your staff would not be able to (or possibly comfortable) gathering.

We can analyze the research data and compile useful reports showing our analysis and recommendations for one competitor or for a range of competitors to capture a sense of the marketplace.

As eLearning experts, we can differentiate between a sales pitch and a real deliverable. We can verify true competitor functionality and their ability to deliver.This sifting of wheat from chaff gives you a more complete understanding of where your competitors are and of your position in the marketplace.

Email Marketing:

Cox eLearning Consultants (COX) offers a wide range of services that assists our clients in building brand recognition, creating their message, generating leads, further qualifying leads, and establishing sales appointments. One crucial component of successful sales and marketing campaigns writing effective and persuasive content. COX is the expert!


Turning prospects into customers is what we do best at COX. We have capable and reliable telemarketing staff who can swiftly go through your potential leads list and qualify the key accounts that would prove profitable for your organization. Don’t waste your sales representatives’ time making outbound calls when they can be in front of real buyers closing real deals. Let us take that load off your sales organization by pre-qualifying your leads. If your organization would benefit from support in generating leads, we provide that service as well.