Specializing in Marketing Services for the Learning and HR Solutions industries

SEO/SEM Services

At COX, we work closely with our clients to create a unified digital strategy that clearly communicates your message, delivers qualified leads to your business, drives traffic to your website, and increases conversions across the board. seo-896175_640

We consider SEO a crucial piece of the marketing puzzle. We not only make sure your website ranks on Google, but gives your business valuable exposure that turns into real business. We want visitors to engage with a website that’s attractive, gets the point across, and encourages customers to get in touch.


At Cox, we ensure our clients receive return on their investment. Our strategies are specifically engineered to deliver:

  • Qualified Leads
  • Targeted Traffic
  • Effective CRO

Whether you’re a small local business trying to get your feet off the ground, a veteran organization wanting to cement your name in the industry, or a corporate juggernaut looking for a fresh solution, COX will create a project plan that befits your growth objectives.

What You Can Expect From COX

At Cox, we pride ourselves on delivering long-term solutions for our clients that are affordable and effective. Our experience in the search industry means you can expect a unified strategy that combines technical know-how, advanced content marketing, and a powerful presence on social networks.

Strategy Creation and Execution

We start every project with a comprehensive analysis of the current state of your website’s search position. This not only allows us to leverage your existing presence in the market, but it also helps us see where we should focus our efforts and how we can help maximize your results.

Keyword Research

Everything starts with ensuring you focus on the right keywords.

The COX philosophy is to find keywords that have search volume, are within the competitive metrics that match your budget, and have the right intent. After all, what’s additional site traffic worth if the visitors aren’t looking to buy your product in the first place?

Technical SEO

COX focuses not only on establishing relationships and crafting engaging content, but we also ensure your website has the technical basis to rank and funnel customers effectively.

Don’t worry though, we won’t have to take over your website to make this happen. We’ve worked closely with many in-house web development teams in the past, meaning we know how to create a solution that not only ticks all the SEO boxes but also works with your technical requirements.

Link Building

Ranking on Google is all about sending the right signals, whether that’s on your website or offsite. Our link building strategy puts one word above any other: quality. We always ensure our process meets Google’s strict guidelines, ensuring your website is always safe from penalties.

Inbound Marketing

At Cox, inbound marketing is more than just a buzzword. Our strategies allow create valuable, engaging, and shareable content that will get your message out there without having to make much of an effort.

Conversion Rate Optimization

While traffic is a key component of a successful website, it’s not worth anything if you don’t convert those visitors into paying customers. We will help you create a strategy that ensures each and every visit to your site is a valuable asset to your business.

Competitor Research

We believe that keeping a close eye on your competitors is a key strategy for optimal results. We’ll see what other companies in your marketplace are doing, cherry-picking strategies that are working and developing them even further.

Pay Per Click Services

At COX, we also offer pay-per-click services that help you gain visibility for important keywords at the lowest price possible.

We have a wealth of data and years of expertise that allow our experts to fine-tune your campaign, minimizing pay-per-click costs and click-through rates. We can help you structure your landing pages and ads to maximize conversions and sales. Remember: small tweaks to a campaign can translate to thousands saved in what you end up paying. For a small management charge, we can help you shave a good portion off your overall advertising costs.