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Steve Case

Sr. Learning Consultant

Steve has over 38 years of Training and Adult Education experience, with over 20 of those in the Technology Based Training (or eLearning) arena. Those years of diversified experience include managing the business development, operations, and administration in the technical manufacturing and service industries. Many of those years he developed and provided classroom instruction on a wide variety of soft skill topics as well as technical skills. Steve is an expert communicator and Instructor.

Steve has diverse experience in working with leading edge eLearning technology including LMS’s, LCMS’s, Knowledge Management platform, eTutor Platforms, Talent Management Platforms, Performance Improvement Platforms, Authoring/development tools, Asynchronous and Synchronous (Webinar) tools, etc. Over the last 6 years he has been actively involved with all aspects of Social Learning, Informal Learning and Mobile Learning. He is often called to consult with companies that are attempting to use eLearning, Social Learning and Informal Learning to their advantage to help them create the correct strategic choices for their unique situation.  Steve has demonstrated the ability to improve training effectiveness with innovative thinking, and the effective leverage of resources. He is a strategic thinker with the intuitive ability to take objectives and turn them into new operations and drive business into new markets.

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