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Design a winning customer survey

Want to learn more about your customers? Use a survey. Having more insight into your customers can improve your service, your products, and the targeting of your marketing emails. Surveys can identify prospects for sales and help measure customer satisfaction.

A solid customer survey starts with a great invitation. Here are ways you can improve the success rates of your customer survey invitations.

If you’re utilizing a survey tool or a third-party research company to send your survey, make sure to use the correct ‘From’ name and ‘Send’ domain. The sender should be immediately recognizable. The survey tool should allow you to send the survey invitation emails through your own Email Service Provider.

Set a deadline since the greatest number of ‘opens’ are in the first hour after sending your message. You want the recipient to act immediately, so insert a bit of urgency by setting a deadline which the survey should be completed.

Let recipients know how long it will take to complete. People are hesitant about wasting their time. Indicate the time to complete the survey to decrease people that start the survey, but don’t complete it. The indication should be a precise number such as “5 minutes” if that is the estimate.

Disclose from the start what the survey is about and what you will be using the results for, such as to improve customer service. Informing your recipients about the benefits for them is even better.

Persuade subscribers to respond to the survey with incentives. There are different kinds of incentives like a giveaway, discount on a next purchase, or a draw for a prize. The incentive should be valuable, but also not too big, so it will still seem easily attainable.

Send reminders to boost responses. Keep in mind that your email will be opened while recipients are in all kinds of situations, especially when they are opened on mobile devices. They might not be in a position to respond immediately so a reminder will bring it to their attention once again.

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