Isa Aliu


Isa is a professional writer and editor with more than five years of experience under his belt. He has worked at numerous writing agencies around the world, where he produced thousands of premium-quality articles across a wide range of niches. Apart from being a master with words, he is also massively experienced with Search Engine Optimization.

Using his SEO skills, he has helped many start-up blogs improve their Google rankings. Isa is also a writer who is never afraid to leave his comfort zone, either in a bid to expand his scope or earn some bragging rights. As a result, he has become an extremely versatile content provider, armed with resources to handle varieties of topics from different niches.

However, he wasn’t always a professional writer. In fact, he studied accounting originally, before he was later driven by his passion to start writing. One of his favorite phrases is “passion always trumps ” and that explains why passion won over him and made him ditch his course of study to pursue his passion for writing. Since he did, he has won many writing awards. He’s currently a student at Newcastle University, where he’s studying English Literature With Creative Writing.