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At Cox eLearning Consultants (COX) we take pride in creating a company where working is fun and dynamic with great flexibility and competitive pay. We invite you to browse through our available job openings below. If you feel that you qualify for any of these positions, please email us at jobs@coxec.com and submit a resume in PDF or Word document format.

With our company continually growing fast and strong, there are always positions that are open in which we may not have the time to constantly update on our career page. We invite you to email your resume to jobs@coxec.com so we can have it on file. When a position opens up that may utilize your talents and skills we will contact you.

Current Openings:

COX Internal Positions

Staff Testimonials

Kerry Williams

Cox eLearning Consultants’ management and staff are considerate, honest, loyal, and fair. I couldn’t believe my luck to have found such a great job with so much opportunity for growth and advancement.

Kerry Williams

I couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of company with such strong morals and ethics and I see myself working here for a very long time.

Kim Densberger

The wide variety of job opportunities at COX gives individuals a choice in the pace and direction of their career growth and income potential.