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The benefits of social elearning

Learning is more social than ever before. Thanks to cloud computing, online networking, and a variety of real time communication channels, businesses are able to reap the many benefits of social elearning.

Even though this new learning style strays from traditional classroom training models, social eLearning is proving to be effective in business settings. It enables trainers to distribute educational material and document individual learning paths so that users can learn independently and in groups.

A learning management system is the optimal way to host elearning initiatives. Such a system allows for documents to be uploaded and distributed to large amounts of people. It also offers certification programs and makes it possible to easily track user progress. More so, new LMSs often come equipped with mobile learning options, making it easy to access training.

Beyond training benefits, social elearning equips users to communicate with one another for business purposes. In fact, many businesses find LMSs useful in conducting business, in addition to hosting online training.

Social elearning is changing the way businesses train their employees. Leveraging social networking features makes it possible for trainers to distribute material effectively. It also encourages users to learn at their own pace. In communicating with colleagues and sharing information informally, training initiatives are enhancing business and accelerating employee success.

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