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The benefits of mobile learning

Do you remember the time, when cell phones and lap tops were considered most atrocious classroom distraction? Although it was not long time ago, that time has passed. Mobile devices and lap tops are more and more associated with learning. You can even improve your organization’s training outcomes by implementing mobile learning as a core strategy for employee development.

There are many reasons we recommend mobile learning as part of our learning blends:

Significant training cost reduction

This is one of many natural benefits of mobile learning. It takes away the cost of instructors, facilities, and all the physical materials as is common in the traditional instructor-led model of training.

Easy access

Mobile learning can be easily used at any place and any time, which is a great benefit to the learners. Not only it makes possible for the learning to never stop, but learners have an advantage of spending their free time during travelling, in between meetings or during weekends to focus on subject they want to learn.

It can be applied on-the-go

Even if this benefit faces the connectivity limitation, a fact that mobile learning can be access at any point of time and applied immediately makes it pretty great, right?

Learning at own pace

No two learners are the same. Everyone has its own way of understanding the content or strategies to learn. With mobile learning, learners are now able to learn in their own style at their own pace.

Collaborative Learning

Mobile learning encourages collaborative learning. Allowing the learners at different locations to get in touch with their peers or others teams to discuss and learn can be very useful – people learn from each other.


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