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15 Key Questions to Ask When Interviewing Potential Telemarketing Vendors

Sales appointment setting, commonly known as B2B telemarketing, can be a cost-effective method for identifying and qualifying leads and then moving these prospects along the sales cycle. When companies are considering implementing telemarketing for leads, frequently the first two questions that come up are: “Should we set up a telemarketing team in-house or outsource it?” and “If we outsource telemarketing, how do we find the right vendor?”

Telemarketing campaigns can use a lot of time and resources. Conducting the service in-house means you have to hire employees, add them to payroll and pay for benefits, train them, and keep their skills finely tuned, all while trying to avoid the common problem of high turnover in such a position. Many small to mid-sized companies forego tackling the responsibilities in-house, and opt to outsource for telemarketing services. Outsourcing allows a business to have their telemarketing campaign executed by trained professionals, while other in-house employees address other important matters. Outsourcing is a wise decision; yet, be sure to keep the following inquiries in mind when using a telemarketing service.

Here are 15 key questions to ask when interviewing potential telemarketing vendors:

1. Do you use US-based or offshore callers?
2. What is your pricing model?
3. How are the callers paid?
4. Do your callers include the use of email in their telemarketing efforts?
5. What is your employee turnover rate for callers and managers?
6. What is the average tenure of your callers?
7. What is the experience of the callers as it pertains to business and my industry?
8. Will I be allowed to train the caller assigned to my campaign?
9. When a meeting is set or a lead is generated, what exactly will we receive? Please provide an example.
10. Are there any campaign setup fees?
11. How is the message created?
12. How is qualification criteria developed?
13. Do you use scripts?
14. Where do you get the contact data for the campaigns?
15. What is your client onboarding process?

All businesses must fuel their sales funnel with leads. The businesses that are unable or unwilling to do it themselves can choose to outsource a telemarketing firm in order to significantly decrease spending valuable time on prospecting and qualifying leads. If your company does not want to waste time and resources with unqualified leads, contact Cox eLearning Consultants or click here to learn more about our telemarketing services.

By Kerry Williams

The benefit of using research in your marketing strategy

Deciding to undertake research on your company and how it compares to competitors is not a simple task, but once done, can help differentiate you from the others – which helps everyone from your salespeople to your target audience make that distinction as well.

Research is best done from a third party, so that the information can be credible and valuable to the readers, and so that information about competitors is readily accessible. Additionally, research is more objective from an outsider’s point of view, and can truly capture the status quo of your industry or marketplace.

Utilizing high-quality research in your marketing plan, then, can be beneficial for your company. Stats and numbers don’t lie, and when presented visually, this information can allow the audience member to quickly digest the information and see the distinctions and noteworthy items. Furthermore, research is convincing and persuasive – instead of assumptions, one has quality data to work with. To your leads, this may be the item that convinces them to take another look at your product or services.

Research can also provide your company with information on areas where your competitors are doing better and/or where you need to improve. This allows you to “play up” your strengths in your marketing efforts, while offering a clear guide on where and how to improve in other areas.

Cox eLearning Consultants provides research and marketing services. To learn more, visit our website or follow us on Twitter.

By Amanda Yanchury

Tips on Buying Your Best Contact List for B2B Sales

Buying a contact database is a great way to lead your company to sales, but you need to think about a few things before you find the right list for you.

You have to know who your targets should be in order to purchase a list that will be of the most benefit and lead to sales. Target your best prospects by identifying your ideal customers by looking at your current customers. Compile data from your current customers by noting their annual revenue, geography, industry type, number of employees, and decision–maker roles. Identifying your ideal customer will aid you in locating more of them.

Find a list seller that will work with you to understand the demographic groups you have identified as the most successful for sales and are targeting. Make sure that the list you are purchasing has the right demographic data so that you are able to identify the contacts that are the best fit for your company.

Investing in a high quality up to date list is key. You want to be sure that you are purchasing a list that is maintained and updated. You can do this by questioning your potential list provider as to their list maintenance. With a low quality list many of the contacts may no longer be with that company.  Reaching out to an outdated contact list will cost you a lot more because you are making a larger number of calls to contacts that are no longer relevant.

Doing your homework prior to buying a contact list will benefit your long term B2B sales goals. Knowing who you want to target and finding the right company to aid you will provide you with a great return.  Cox eLearning Consultants is a list provider and has a database that consists of more than 550,000 contacts and adds 50,000-100,000 new contacts every year. Access to those resources could bring your company new sales opportunities.

By Stacey Scheuring