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Social Commerce APPS

Social Commerce applications are designed to drive new quality traffic, grow conversion rates, drive regular referrals, and expand your social reach. Social Commerce Apps provide a wide variety of customizable options for adding a functional social layer to your user experience and reaching customers where they spend most of their time online.

Advancements in technology have enabled a virtual mode of learning that enables a higher return on investment, lower costs and the ability to reuse valuable content, again and again…

Is your company’s IT department flooded with calls on how to use your internal systems?
Is your organization spending large amounts of money on training and development?
Are you a product development company with your busy sales people spending their time teaching users how to use your products?
Are you a learning organization that is looking for an interactive and engaging multimedia based solution?
Are you interested in finding out more about how you can take your organization to the next level with elearning but not quite sure how?

The solutions developed are creative, advanced and completely customized, and provide employees and students with a platform to learn, share knowledge and interact online.

We at COX understands how e-learning can support green business, compliance and corporate social responsibility, as well as commercial agendas.

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Cultivating Your List Through Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences and find prospective leads, qualifying leads, and closing sales.

An important aspect to keep in mind when undertaking an email marketing campaign is how you use your list. Targeting a certain industry/sector, company size, and/or companies with a certain level of revenue can ensure that you get your offering in front of the right decision-makers.

These lists need to be cultivated over time, which is why COX’s marketing engagements span six or more campaigns. Building awareness, familiarizing the audience with your message, and then offering them something useful is a tried and true method for cultivating your list and getting the best responses.

Sometimes, companies want to send just one email and expect to get a huge response. However, if the audience is unfamiliar with your offering (no matter how great it is), it’s more likely that they will be receptive to the message after learning more about how your services/product could benefit them.

COX’s extensive database of HR, learning, and training personnel can be customized to fit your company’s specific needs – and we can even work with you in creating campaigns that will reach your audience in the most effective manner.

Learn more about COX eLearning Consultants’ email marketing methods and services, and contact us if you have questions.

Tips to Improve Your Landing Page Results

Landing pages are vital to your marketing strategy. You can direct all the traffic in the web to your website, but if you’re not making a meaningful connection, you’re tossing your branding dollars out the window.

Add spice to your landing page by using these elements:marketing automation

  • An eye-catching headline
  • A persuasive image
  • Quality context
  • Large call-to-action
  • Easy to find sign-up form
  • User testimonials

Emotion along with a splash of desire is more than twice as effective as logic in advertising. If you persuade someone that your service or product will fulfill their needs and desires, you’re likely to increase your conversion rate.


These might be the most powerful landing page words:

YOU should do this FREE call-to-action NOW BECAUSE…

YOU = talk directly to your customer; its more persuasive

FREE = more influential than any other discount

NOW= limited time offers or urgency words like ‘now’ trigger the need to make a decision

BECAUSE= indicates you are will explain ‘why’


How can you boost trust on your landing page?Woman using computer

  • Security certificates
  • Partner logos
  • Testimonials

Whatever your marketing message, make it all about your users. Right off the bat, using the word “you” can build instant rapport. It’s also the simplest way to hit an emotional chord.

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