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Are You Targeting the Right Prospects?

By Diana Monier

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and effective ways to help increase lead generation. The size of the email list and specific targeted names will help secure a greater number of prospects that your company is trying to reach out to within your industry.

If your company is in the process of researching and investigating different lists available in the market, Cox eLearning Consultants has the largest contact database list specific to corporate training, elearning and human resources technologies.  Lead generation and email marketing is one of our core competencies.  Let’s be honest who can’t use more qualified lead opportunities? We can do this several ways.  One extreme might be leveraging a portion of our database, creating email content, sending out emails, and then following up with a phone to further qualify the opportunity.  Some clients might only purchase or rent a contact list from us.  Some other clients fall somewhere in between.  We are happy to help them with any of those scenarios.

Our process helps to segment your marketing and help design a plan that would be targeted to your company’s marketing objectives and reach.  By creating a segmented email marketing plan companies are reaping the end result of higher click- through rates, better deliverability and generating more revenue from their email sends than their non-segmenting counterparts

Add value to your telesales calls

By Kim Densberger

Bring value to your calls so that listeners look forward to hearing from you. Don’t be content to open with, “Just wanted to introduce myself,” Just checking in,” or “Just touching base.”  These strategies are reactive, can be viewed as nuisance calls, and provide nothing of value.

Calls to regular customers and to prospects should always contain something of value . . . something that lets the customer feel you are contributing something useful by calling. Keep in mind that your customers are someone else’s prospects.

Here are just a few tips to perk up these calls to position you as a value-added resource, and not merely a salesperson.

– Obviously, you must introduce yourself, but consider WHY the listener would be interested in knowing you. Initially, it will be because they think you can add some value to their world. So you must get to that quickly. Suggestion: “Hi Allen, I’m Mark Baker with ABC Services. First, we want to thank you for your business with us and I want to let you know that I am your point of contact whenever you need product information and quotes so you can get answers quickly. Plus, I’ll be letting you know when there are promotions that you might have interest in…”

– A good way to begin calls to customers is by saying something like, “I was thinking of you,” “I heard some interesting information and you immediately came to mind,” “When this news came out, I thought about you…” Perhaps you have some news they might not be aware of. Or, maybe they are aware of it, and you have something to help them take advantage of it. For example, “Ms. Taylor, you probably are familiar with the new federal regulations regarding business email. We’ve developed a way to make it less of a headache for companies in your situation, and I’d like to ask you a few questions to see how much of a problem you anticipate this being.”

– Possibly your company has changed restrictive policies that would enable you to do business with people who didn’t qualify in the past. Call them again and explain the policy updates. For example, if your minimum order size has been eliminated or you’re now carrying a line that they asked for before but you didn’t have it. And with regular customers, calling with changes to their advantage is always welcome.

– Reach out to customers when you have a special on something you know they uses and might not be buying from you which can transform the relationship into one that is even bigger.

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