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Email campaign – A secret weapon in the battle of locating prospects.

By Eric Thompson

I have been in the business world for 20 years and have witnessed many changes, some effective and some that are not. The way business has revolutionized has constructed a faster, broader and more chaotic environment.  These changes of email, voicemail and virtual meetings has made the creation of a successful marketing plan difficult.

An effective weapon today to combat the numerous choices is a well-targeted email campaign. There a many benefits to launching an email campaign, it is a strategic way to receive a quick response rate, to broaden your target client base, launch a new product or service, or simply want to refresh how you reach your current clients

Ensuring you make a good choice is essential when searching for a business partner when attempting an email campaign. You should qualify your choice with a checklist of questions, do they have a good reputation in the marketplace, do they employ an effective methodology on designing and implementing marketing campaigns, and do they have a well maintained list of contacts in their database.  The last one is key, you don’t want to utilize a list that is not kept updated on a regular basis. Additionally you want to ensure that the partner you choose understands who want to reach. The HR, Training, and Consulting business is unique, and the partner you choose should have expertise in that market segment.

The affordability of keeping your current client base is crucial, and the need to strategically grow is even more important, email campaigns are an easy way to define and deliver who you need to target.  Take a fresh approach to how you market your business, ever better, utilize this simple but valuable weapon to take your business where you want to go.



Has the Definition of Marketing Changed?

By Stacey Scheuring

Cyberspace has brought us a proliferation of new marketing technologies.  The word “marketing” is sometimes seen as a series of tactics and gimmicks.    Sometimes the word “marketing” and “advertising” are used synonymously. The real truth is that marketing is a broader process.  Marketing is defined by the American Marketing Association as:

The process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives. 

The AMA definition shows that marketing is focused on the planning.  Quality marketing has always involved analysis and action.  First you need to develop a strategy, and then create a logical and thought-out tactical implementation.  Our business environment and the technologies we use for implementation of our marketing plans have changed but the definition of marketing remains the same.

The steps to successful marketing and implementation include:

  1.  Analyze your customers and business environment.
  2. Identify key opportunities to meet customer needs more profitably.
  3. Figure out some ways to capitalize on those opportunities.
  4. Implement your plan.

The benefits to applying a well thought overall marketing plan for your company, instead of some random tactics and techniques, greatly increase your company’s chance of success.  The problem with using short-term strategies is that it is easy to diverge from your original goals.  It is very much like steering a car. You start off going straight but even a small left or right can gradually land you very far from where you intended to be.  At Cox eLearning Consultants, we are happy to sit down with you and review your marketing plan, and show you how we can make sure you end up at your intended destination.