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Cox eLearning Consultants’ Crowdsourcing Solution

By Nathan Cox

At Cox eLearning Consultants we are focused on solving problems in the HR and Training industries, most notably by providing marketing services. Now a new branch of Cox eLearning Consultants has launched, called CollectMyThoughts, to solve a different issue in these industries. There are over 10,000 vendors providing some form of Training or HR solution; thus, buyers are overwhelmed with the number of choices as there is no reliable method to compare vendors and their products.

Crowdsourcing has developed recently into an effective means of collaboration through a number of users to best answer a question or solve an issue. CollectMyThoughts will act as the Yelp for the Training and HR industries by providing a crowdsourcing information service where there are reviews of the solutions from real users. CollectMyThoughts has just launched its first version to assist the community in vendor selection. Cox eLearning Consultants encourages everyone to submit a review and to visit collectmythoughts.com next time they need to make a selection on an HR or Training solution.

Social Media is Important to B2B Marketing

By Kim Densberger

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account you know how social media marketing works for Business-To-Consumer companies. Although it is hard to predict what content will be shared with end-use customers, it happens very often. Companies have successfully utilized YouTube to share video content that goes along with their print ads and newsletters.

For Business-To-Business marketing, social media’s role is more subtle but just as important. B2B content may not have page views in the millions like B2C content receives, but it speaks to a greater-value, more deeply invested audience. This audience is already knowledgeable about their industry so you don’t need to educate them. This allows you to focus your social media content on building awareness of your business and build your brand.

The experts at Cox eLearning Consultants have the knowledge and experience to assist you in getting the most from your marketing efforts including social media marketing which can help your business grow and prosper.