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Where are the Glengarry Leads?

Glengarry Glen Ross is a 1992 film that depicts two days in the lives of four real estate salesmen and how they become desperate to secure the “good leads” from the corporate office. These prospected leads are supposed to be warm and prequalified ready to make a purchase in the market.

Anyone who has spent a career in sales or managed lead generation understands that consistent lead development and building strong lists is the only way to help fill the sales pipeline.

Lead Generation Facts:

  • Sixty percent of B2B marketers say generating leads is their top goal for the year followed closely by 57 percent who said converting leads into paying customers is their top priority.
  • The average cost per lead using traditional outbound marketing tactics (direct mail, trade shows, direct marketing) is $346 according to HubSpot’s 2012 State of Inbound.
  • In a recent survey by HubSpot, about 25 percent of marketers said referral leads were worth $1,000 per lead to their company and about 10 percent said referrals were worth more than $10,000.

At Cox eLearning one of our core competencies is lead generation. We work with our clients to help them generate more qualified leads from the rental or purchase of our contact database list to customizing a telesales and email campaign for them.

While I can hear Alec Baldwin’s voice stating “Coffee’s for Closers” in the back of my head, I do believe that generating enough qualified opportunities is the hardest part of sales.

Why not reach out to one of our sales representatives today to discuss how we can help you gain more leads and ultimately grow your business?

-By Diana Monier

The ABCs of Case Studies

By Rebecca Tally

Nothing sells your products or services more than satisfied customers. Well-written, case studies are a smart way to let your happy clients sing your praise. The key is to show how your services made a significant difference to a client and helped them achieve business goals.

How do you ensure you are including the right information to make the most impact? Below are a few questions that every good case study should answer.

  • What need did the client need to fill? In other words, why did they need your services? You also want to find out what they were doing prior to partnering with your company, and why it wasn’t working out.
  • How did the customer learn about your services? Did they hear a representative speak at a conference? Did they visit your booth at a trade show? Did they see your marketing material? This is also a good way to assess how potential clients are learning about what your organization offers.
  • What was the overall experience? Dig deep to find out all about how your organization helped a client. Did they experience good customer services? What were specific features or services that made the process successful? Did staff go above and beyond to make sure the client’s needs were met?
  • What were the overall results? Ask clients to give quantifiable results, if possible, that came from using your product or services.

Case studies can be a staple in your PR toolkit. Because it is in the customer’s voice, it often holds more credibility than company-based marketing material. Using the above tips can help create a top PR piece that will be worth its weight in gold.

If you are looking for assistance with case study and testimonial production, Cox eLearning Consultants has the knowledge and experience to create successful marketing and public relations materials for your needs.

Ongoing Marketing Education

By Nathan Cox

At Cox eLearning Consultants our thirst for knowledge and improvement is insatiable. Due to this we strongly encourage taking advantage of opportunities to grow one’s skill sets, especially in our favorite subject: marketing. We just learned of a new program that we would like to share with you that is hosted by the renowned Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania. For information on select courses they offer free click here.

Although they are offering multiple classes, there is one class in particular that we recommend, as some of our staff will be taking part in it, which is the MBA- first year Marketing Class. Despite our current proficiency in the marketing field, some of the Cox staff will be taking part in a new program to further enhance our marketing and business knowledge by taking classes online at one of the most prominent business schools in the world. This should be a great value to anyone that wants to take advantage of this free online offering.

Riverside Co. has purchased Corporate Training Technologies LLC

Private equity firm the Riverside Co. has purchased Corporate Training Technologies LLC to add to portfolio company OnCourse Learning, in its fourth deal announced this week.
Norristown, Pa.-based Corporate Training, which does business as BankersEdge, provides regulatory, employment and leadership training for bank and credit union workers. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The deal will expand OnCourse’s regulatory compliance assets.

In November, Riverside purchased Digital University, an online bank and credit union regulatory-compliance training tool, to add to OnCourse. In September 2012, the firm bought CompuTaught, which was also added to OnCourse.

Waukesha, Wisc.-based OnCourse provides training and learning tools for the financial services, real estate and information technology industries.

Riverside, headquartered in Cleveland and New York, has more than $3.5 billion assets under management and has completed more than 300 acquisitions. Riverside picked up Rutland Plastics Inc., Kygen Co., and sold AIA Corp. in the same week as the Corporate Training acquisition. The firm was named Mergers & Acquisitions’ Private Equity Firm of the Year for 2012. For more on Riverside, see “Riverside on a Roll.”