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Tips to Generate Sales Leads

by Diana Monier

Some of the main challenges in sales today would be generating new leads and finding the right prospects that are ready to buy your products and services. Businesses need to continually source, network and generate new leads to help grow their businesses and stay on top of the market.

In order to be successful with lead generation one needs to start with thorough pre-prospecting. This is a necessary step in the process yet most companies don’t invest enough time in this part of the sales cycle. InsideSales.com surveyed over 200,000 companies to find out what were some of the top problems faced within an organization and the number one problem discussed related to finding good sales leads.

To find new customers and more qualified leads sometimes it means going back to basics to understand the process.
• In order to gain more customers you need to understand your audience and get an idea of their needs to make selling to them easier. This will lay the ground work for the message you are creating within your script to help get to the right decision maker.
• Ensure that the data you are working is accurate and up to date to avoid costly and time consuming errors.
• Outsource your initial telesales to a company that are experts within the field of lead generation. By doing this your business is able to focus on the warmer leads and shorten the sales cycle in the end.
• Business networking has taken on a new life with the growth of social media and websites such as LinkedIn. Social networking helps build relationships and build connections within similar groups.
• Partner programs are another way to build business referrals between connections and help grow some qualified leads.
• Set time aside each day for lead generation activities. This could be spent with creating a contact list, networking, researching and cold calling.

At Cox eLearning Consultants we can help you overcome the challenges of generating sales leads. We have a team of experts within the sales and marketing field that will help save you time and streamline your sales process to focus on more qualified lead opportunities.

Why not focus your time on closing a sale instead of all the work involved with prospecting and up front research?

Crowdsourcing Missing in the eLearning and HR Industries

By Nathan Cox

The lack of a crowdsourcing tool in the elearning and HR industries is a gap that needs to be filled. There is an expansive variety of elearning and HR solutions that are available on the market with little or no way of differentiating between them.

There are thousands of solutions that are essential to the elearning and HR fields; just to name a few, there are: LMS, LCMS, Authoring Tools, Custom and Off-the-Shelf-Content, HCMS, and Payroll Solutions.

But one is prompted to ask: How can one sift through all these solutions and be able to accurately, or even somewhat accurately, select the solutions that best suit their technological needs? This is where a crowdsourcing tool comes into play.

A crowdsourcing tool presents a platform to aggregate reviews of actual users from both past and present, such as what Yelp and Angie’sList do. With a crowdsourcing tool, industry professionals could quickly sort through the types of eLearning and HR solutions and then evaluate products based on reviews from users to make the most informed decision possible. Hence, there is a growing need for a “Yelp” type of system specifically for the eLearning and HR industries.

White Paper 101

By Kim Densberger

Basically, a white paper is a report. White papers are designed to do two primary things: educate and persuade executive-level professionals who are authorized to make company-wide purchases.

There are two basic types of white papers: technical white papers and marketing white papers. They are both designed to do the same thing — sell your product, service or company.

Technical white papers have to convince a more technical audience and they will be filled with things like specifications. Marketing white papers can be used to promote just about anything.

What is the correct way to format a white paper? How long should your white paper be? There really is no right answer to these questions.

If there will be numerous charts and graphs, use a full page format to allow more room for the graphics. If there will be few graphics, use a two-column format with quotes and small graphics on the sidebar area.

The number of pages might be 5. It might be 50 pages. The average seems to be 5-10 pages. The more technical the material, the more information might have to be included. Just keep your target market in mind.

If you’re not comfortable with writing white papers yourself, you can choose to hire a professional such as the experts at Cox eLearning Consultants.

Tips on Finding a Reputable Email Marketing List Provider

It’s true, email marketing is still one of the most cost effective ways to contact prospect and customers. In some cases it can have a huge impact on immediate sales but the long term benefits and relationships are most valuable.

In order to execute consistent, month to month email marketing campaigns, a company must either have cultivated a substantially large database, acquire one from a third party source, or a combination of the two. However, Purchasing lists can be a waste of money. I’ve heard this many times. In fact, I would even agree, having had encounters with unscrupulous list vendors in the past. 99% of the list companies I’ve come across offer outdated and inaccurate information. Some even make outrageous claims and then change company names and disappear.

Here are a few tips on what to look for when choosing an email list vendor:

• Look for a company who has built a solid reputation in your industry – ask for references
• Don’t do business with a company who will not accept credit cards
• Do background research on the company
• Ask to see a sample of the list
• Be sure there are some sorts of guarantees of the list quality. This will not matter if you have not followed the above guidelines

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