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How ‘The Fold’ Can Increase Your Email Call-To-Action Responses

What is ‘The Fold?’

The Fold is the bottom of your readers’ browser window; the point they can’t see beyond unless they scroll down.

Originating from newspaper publishing, the term referred to the literal fold in the paper itself and the objective was to put attention-getting content there to catch the eye of potential readers, enticing them to buy the paper and read more.

The same objective could be applied to your promotional emails. Keep key elements above the fold such as:

• Call-To-Action
• Primary Subject Matter
• Logo

Having your call-to-actions above the fold can give your email a greater number of click-throughs. If your reader has to scroll down to search for it, they may close the email before ever seeing the call-to-action. Also, make sure you include enough information above the fold so that readers understand what is being asked of them.

Whether you design your own promotional emails or enlist the services of a marketing specialist such as Cox eLearning Consultants, remember the importance of the content you place in ‘the fold’ of your next email.

Choosing a Reputable Contact List Source for Email Marketing

Staying in front of your clients and customers with a regular email marketing campaign is an important marketing strategy; especially in today’s business world. Making sure that you are using an integral database of names is the second most important component to a successful email marketing campaign.

With so many list vendors out there, how do you know which company to use? Price seems to be a very important factor to many companies and while that should be considered, making sure that the data you are paying for is accurate is even more important. Purchasing more for less isn’t always the best strategy.

When purchasing a list, you should ask yourself some questions:

1.How accurate and up to date is the information?
2.What fields of information will I receive and can I select a target audience?
3.Does the list provider have references I can talk to?

Cox eLearning Consultants is quickly becoming the preferred company for all your marketing needs. Don’t get burned by the allure of a low cost, poor quality list vendor.

Branding and Timing: Email Marketing

Branding and building awareness:

It takes time to “cultivate” a list. Patience is necessary with any marketing engagement and a time commitment is essential. Sending regular, ongoing communications to a targeted market over time will build your brand and company awareness.


Needs arise at different times. It is important to regularly communicate to your audience so opportunities are not missed when the timing is right. Cox eLearning Consultants recommends at least one time per month. An example might be when a company sends an email in month one, then again in month two, then nothing in month three but one again in month four. Joe from ABC Company emails back stating they just made a purchase with your competitor. He hadn’t received an email when their need arose.

Another example: You are sending your communications now consistently for eight months. ABC Company has a need for what you are offering and a meeting is called to discuss. John, Director of Training, pipes up and says “Hey, I think we should be looking at this XYZ organization.” Jane, HR Director, chimes in and says “Yes, I’ve been hearing from them too and I think they have what we might be looking for.” Often there is a committee that makes a decision and it is even more powerful when more than one person at the same company remembers you. Thus, marketing to more than one contact in the same company can be beneficial.

Email marketing is the most cost efficient and fastest way to reach a large, targeted audience in a short period of time and do it consistently. Get your list today and don’t miss out when the timing is right.