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Tradeshow Versus Email Marketing: Which yields the better ROI?

I’d like to share a few things that Cox eLearning Consultants has learned about trade shows over the years. We have a number of clients who regularly attend these and provide us with feedback that has made us question the true value and ROI to exhibitors. The reality is, companies do a poor job of tracking leads they get from a traditional show and moving them into their sales funnel.

The issue is not a lack of attendees or leads obtained. The issue is a flawed system. People are supposedly going to trade shows to get the latest education on the latest resources. The reality, however, is that when they come to your booth, their interest seems to shift more to what is being given away than what you have to offer. Or, the interest was never there in the start.

To a tradeshow’s credit, they do serve a purpose. You can mingle with other companies that could potentially partner with you and maintain your footprint in the industry. And, you may walk away with a couple hundred folks to follow up with. But how many of them will be qualified opportunities?

You may want to consider a customized lead generation program. Ongoing and consistent communication to YOUR target audience can:

• Build your brand over time: 6, or 12 months – For nearly the same cost as a 2 – 3 day tradeshow, you can market to 50,000+ decision makers and/or influencers up to 2 times or more a month for an ENTIRE six months to a year or longer.

• Choose your target audience – You never know who will be attending a trade show. Select your audience by industry, title, geography and company size.

We never suggest eliminating tradeshows all together. After all, we are also trusted consultants in the industry. We suggest attending 2-3 of your best shows each year, and then diversify some of your marketing budget into other areas.

Appirio announces intent to acquire Knowledge Infusion

Appirio today announced its intent to acquire Knowledge Infusion, which will create the world’s largest cloud-powered Human Capital Management (HCM) consultancy.