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IBM Acquires Kenexa Corporation

Today, IBM announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Kenexa Corporation, a developer of integrated talent acquisition and talent management solutions for businesses.

Email Subject Lines: What REALLY matters

The length of an email’s subject line has been scrutinized and tested with varying results. Some studies have shown that shorter is better, while others indicate a longer subject line will result in more emails being read and sales generated.

Actually, what really matters is that the subject line is interesting. Simple but true. It’s all about the content and its ability to grab the recipient’s attention.

So how can you make your email’s subject line more interesting? Try some of these simple tactics that Cox eLearning Consultants utilize.

Instill a sense of urgency which drives action. People respond when a window of opportunity is about to close. This is a good strategy for reminder or last chance emails.

Offer something valuable to your recipients. Tell them what they want to hear. Help them in some way and earn their attention.

Be timely by touching on something that has happened in the news or it could be a topic that people are talking about currently.

Incorporating a call to action in the subject line works well because people respond when you ask them to do something. For example, “Sign Up To Win” or “Take 30% Off Any Item.”
Strive to make your subject line more interesting and you’ll see opens increase and you’ll probably see sales increase as well.

Marketing Internationally

Marketing internationally can be tricky. People are different, but more important, laws are different. Below are some guidelines to follow so you and/or your boss don’t end up on the ever dreaded blacklist!

Direct marketing email messages may only be sent to subscribers who have given their prior consent (“opt-in”). Prior permission is required for business-to-consumer (B2C) communication covering all “natural persons”. Every message must include opt-out instructions. The practice of sending email for purposes of direct marketing or without a valid address to which the recipient may send a request that such communications cease, is prohibited. Disguising or concealing the identity of the sender on whose behalf the communication is made is prohibited.

Companies registered or operating in the EU need to state their company details on every electronic business communication sent from their organization. Business email messages sent by a company should include:

The full name of the company and its legal form
The place of registration of the company
The address of the registered office
A valid return address must be always provided

Unless you are willing to pay the high costs of an international, opt-in list, always first send an email requesting permission to send promotional offers. Or better yet, let Cox eLearning Consultants help to make marketing internationally a snap! Visit our website today at www.coxec.com.

COX Goes International

by Barbara Sanner, Brand Development, Cox eLearning Consultants
August 1, 2012

Recently, I had the good fortune to travel on “holiday” (not “vacation!”) to Germany and London. I’ve been to parts of those places before, but saw many new sites on this trip.

We traveled through the former German Democratic Republic, also known as East Germany, which we had never visited. It was amazing to see the differences – and the similarities – compared to the U.S.

In many ways, time has stopped in the former East Germany, and numerous towns are still anchored in the 1990s. After the Berlin Wall fell, cities had little and less money to rebuild after the Cold War. But when we visited Berlin, there were construction cranes everywhere… with new buildings, “motorways,” bridges and parks being developed. Despite the worldwide economic crises, it’s definitely a city of growth.

Throughout the large cities and small towns, there was more commonality than there were disparities, when compared to the U.S. All the street signs there are in German; all the street signs in the U.S. are in English – no big surprise there. Many of the buildings were very old, but I live in Phoenix, AZ, which is a relatively “young” city. People were scurrying to and from their jobs. Other people were on their way to classes, or going home after getting groceries. It all felt different… yet vaguely familiar.

For Cox eLearning Consultants, those familiarities fortunately extend to elearning technology, content and marketing principles, as well. As our business expands, we are gaining clients from around the world. It’s exciting! Recognizing that there will always be cultural differences, it’s amazing how companies have very similar needs. Each of them wants to:

• market themselves better/more effectively/more efficiently,
• gain more customers/sell more products or services,
• generate higher revenue,
• grow their business.

Whether those needs are expressed in Spanish, German or French, elearning companies basically have the same needs.

COX now has international clients in Russia, Brazil, and Italy – along with our North American clients in the U.S. and Canada. And we’re talking with potential clients in other countries, too. Even though the language differences might be challenging, we’ve been successful so far with our communications, and with guiding our clients down the proper marketing paths to help them promote their respective businesses. It takes a little more time and a little more follow-up to ensure we’re all on the same page; but in the long run, it’s definitely worth it. I can say I know someone in Russia!

It feels good to travel abroad and learn about different places, cultures and languages. It feels good to come home again, too. Now that I’m home and working with our international clients, it feels different… yet vaguely familiar.