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Keep Your Marketing Emails Out Of The Trash

By Kim Densberger

July 12, 2012

Give Your Marketing Emails A Chance To Be Read

It’s disappointing to think that after only a quick glance, your carefully prepared email will be sent to the trash, never being read. But they are.

How can you keep your emails from encountering the delete key? Good design can prevent your emails from getting trashed. Here are some tips in designing your next marketing email.

Say Hello
Use a consistent and quickly recognized header image so that over time this image will be associated with the valuable information your deliver. The header should be related to your business or product in which your reader has been identified as having an interest in.

Use Reader-Friendly Fonts
Since your email’s purpose is to communicate with your reader, make sure your words are easy to read. Avoid fonts that are too small since some readers are over 50 plus many emails are being read on smart phones and pads. Also, don’t use too many different fonts which can make your emails look messy.

Add Color Carefully
Try to stick with a color palette that has two dominant colors and tone the rest down so your email has a cohesive look. Don’t use overly bright or florescent colors. The most readable combination is dark text on a light background so use this combination whenever possible.

Use Quality Graphics
Nothing can scream “amateur design” more than inferior clip art. Use high quality photos or stock images that have a natural look rather than staged.

Include Contact Info
Make it easy for your readers to stay in contact with your beyond their Inboxes by including your company contact information and social media profiles in a consistent footer.

These are just some of the ways you can make your emails ‘keepers’ and ensure that the valuable information you are trying to share has a chance to be read.